Eradicating malaria and fighting Covid-19

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Coverage Highlights: Channel 4 News, The Guardian, The Sun, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and Metro


Highlighting innovation in malaria prevention technologies.

The Project

Malaria kills 400,000 people every year, most of them children and young people in poor countries. Infectious disease specialists Landcent are developing the next generation of malaria prevention technologies - technologies that could finally put an end to this vicious disease. 

Harnessing Landcent’s expertise in a media landscape dominated by coronavirus, 89up’s PR team achieved major recognition for Landcent as they opened up their supply chains to provide PPE to countries around the world. 

We secured over 70 pieces of international coverage for Landcent, including Channel 4 News, the Guardian, the Sun, The Times, the Daily Mail, the Mirror and Metro. By placing Landcent at the heart of the news agenda around PPE shortages in Europe and Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were also able to highlight their innovative malaria prevention technology.

Keeping the focus on malaria, by drawing comparisons between the world’s response to Covid-19 and its response to malaria we also secured an opinion article in Euronews by one of Landcent’s founders.

To complement the wide range of media coverage, 89up’s content team created powerful films, launched to coincide with World Malaria Day and the opening of Landcent’s public investment.