Influencer engagement

What we do

Some influencers may be household names, and others may have smaller, but dedicated, audiences. Find the people who have the authority to speak about a subject, and whose audiences will amplify what they have to say.

Our Approach

89up has a specialist influencer engagement team for NGOs who work with our clients to partner with influencers relevant to the issues you want to amplify. 

Through social listening and mapping, as well as desk research and our contact book, the influencer team identifies the key influencers and potential ambassadors who will be most open to your issue allowing you to leverage their followers to support your campaign.

As an integrated agency, the influencer team works alongside our Studio Team to create social toolkits of visual assets and messaging that we can provide for influencers to share on their channels (or use as context for their own organic content). 

We’ve engaged influencers from across the globe, from hard to reach territories to mainstream consumer-focused influencers in the USA and EU. We’ve worked with celebrities to take action on issues they care about, driven youth engagement in elections using TikTok influencers and amplified influencers on climate change from the global south.