London Climate Action Week Event: The Power of Coalitions

A guide for people seeking to work with others to change the world

Date: 29.06.23 
Time: 5-6pm panel discussion, followed by drinks 
Venue: Anomalous Space, 38 Pentonville Road, N1 9HF 
Virtual attendance: Available - link provided upon request.

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In today’s world, the injustices we face and the progress we are trying to realise are often too complex to take on alone.

Coalitions prove a powerful solution. They can help accomplish greater objectives, share knowledge, allow for fresh perspectives and innovation, and garner more credibility and attention from media, government, stakeholders and civil society.

This event includes speakers with experience of building powerful coalitions and campaigns, including:

  • Sarah Carson, Crisis Action
  • Helen Meech, RSPB 
  • Alison Griffin, Save the Children
  • Becky Jarvis, The Sunrise Project
  • Sarah-Jane Rumford, 89up

The event will be chaired by journalist and broadcaster Natalie Morris (The Lead) and involve a free-flowing discussion from panel members about their own coalition experiences, along with:

  • The biggest benefits of working as a coalition 
  • How coalitions are shaped: Building your dream teams 
  • Putting your brand to the side and working like a hive mind
  • Where to begin: how to create a joint strategy and approach
  • How coalitions enable skill sharing and evolution 
  • Challenges to consider

With budgets tightening and crises multiplying, the case for teaming up has never been stronger.