Animal Welfare

At 89up, we believe that animal welfare is one of the defining issues of our era. 

Whether it’s campaigning to end the cruel trade in captive tigers, sustaining habitats and promoting biodiversity, or improving the health and diet of the UK’s beloved pets, we are proud to work with organisations that have animals’ best interests at heart.

Case Study: Battling Europe’s Tiger Kings

Highlighting the horror inflicted on captive big cats.

Civil Society

89up is driven by the desire to make the world better - not just for shareholders or investors, but for everyone. We work with grassroots campaigners and international NGOs, and charities who share our vision of an equitable and sustainable society.

We have a deeper understanding of the needs of civil society than any other agency, with a team that has its roots in dynamic international human rights campaigns. We know that charities, NGOs and voluntary organisations are the beating heart of society, the real engines of change, and we are proud to support them with our work.

As the sector faces unprecedented challenges, 89up is here to help ensure that your cause is still seen.

Case Study: Changing charity funding for good

Creating meaningful connections between donors and charities

Climate Justice

At 89up, we know that climate change touches every aspect of our lives. Humanity can no longer imagine a better future without tackling the climate crisis head on. From commercial banking to cattle farmers to coffee shops, everyone has to step up to the plate..

89up works with some of the world’s most innovative and impactful environmental activists. We create hard-hitting, urgent campaigns with organisations who are unafraid to identify the villains - and the heroes - of climate change.

Case Study: Uncovering big finance’s climate shame at Davos

We exposed the banks who continue to invest in fossil fuels.

Culture and Heritage

Art and culture are what make life worth living. At 89up we take them very seriously. We produce Little Atoms, the UK’s longest-running cultural podcast, whose guests have ranged from Booker prize-winners to Young Adult Fiction legends. 

We’ve produced podcasts and online content with Arts Council England and the Wellcome Collection, and even staged our own cultural festival with Waterstones and Speaking Volumes.

We pride ourselves on our work with brilliant artistic organisations from local arts centres to international institutions, promoting powerful and inspiring ideas that change lives,

Case Study: Protecting a vital creative hub in London

Highlighting the benefits that creative industries can bring to their local communities.

Equality and Diversity

Practically every organisation in the world has work to do to improve diversity and representation. We’re proud to support organisations who fight bigotry and division, and seek to create a more equal and inclusive society. From LGBT visibility to industry representation, to anti-racist campaigners, we’ve been lucky to work with individuals and organisations that celebrate tolerance, respect and freedom from discrimination. We’ve crafted press and social campaigns, built beautiful websites and helped organisations refine their messaging with the aim of genuine diversity and freedom from prejudice in the UK, Europe, Africa and beyond.

Case Study: Launching a $4 million challenge to reinvent the wheelchair

The $4 million Mobility Unlimited Challenge supports radical improvements in the mobility and independence of people with lower-limb paralysis through smarter assistive technology.

Ethical Finance

Case Study: Pushing banks to end fossil fuel investment

Health, Science and Technology

89up has collaborated on projects designed to educate and inform people on all aspects of STEM, from scientists and engineers to academics, teachers and TV presenters. We have worked on projects to drive innovation in assistive technologies, to tackle malaria and to promote the use of big data to improve healthcare. We don’t try to hide or soften complicated science: we want to celebrate the ingenuity and endeavour of the people working on solving big problems, from Covid-19 to climate change.

Case Study: Launching a $4 million challenge to reinvent the wheelchair

The $4 million Mobility Unlimited Challenge supports radical improvements in the mobility and independence of people with lower-limb paralysis through smarter assistive technology.

Human Rights

Human rights are at the core of 89up’s mission.

The inspiration for the organisation came while our founder attended the funeral of a human rights activist in Belarus, Europe’s last dictatorship, and witnessed first hand how PR firms were willing to do the dirty work of covering up a dictatorship’s crimes.

While many communications agencies are happy to hide the violations of governments and corporations, we want to make sure that abusers are brought to account and human rights activists and defenders are protected and celebrated. We have worked with international freedom of expression organisations to protect press freedom and have campaigned against human rights abuses around the world.

Case Study: Celebrating free media heroes

Hosting Reporters Without Borders Free Expression Awards.

Online Freedoms

89up is dedicated to an internet that is accessible, free and safe for all. Our name stems from our belief that 1989 was the year that defines the modern era: as the year the world wide web went up, and the year the Berlin Wall came down. Since then the battle for freedom has been synonymous with the battle for an open and democratic internet. We have worked on projects to promote a free and open internet, and to protect the right to freedom of expression online.

Case Study: Defending the open Internet

Highlighting how government regulation could damage the infrastructure of the Internet.


Knowing how to navigate the corridors of power is crucial to creating change. From local council chambers to Westminster, Brussels and beyond, 89up has worked with politicians and their advisors at all levels, drafting reports, tabling questions and guiding legislation. Our non-partisan approach means we can get our clients’ campaigns in front of the right people. Our Start A Fire campaign tool uses constituency data to target MPs, while our network of contacts ensures your message is heard by the right people

Case Study: Challenging the EU’s pandemic recovery plans

Calling on the EU to rethink the recovery.

Social Good

89up runs campaigns to make the world a more open, pluralistic and democratic place. Our work for charities and NGOs has ranged from fighting state surveillance and freeing political prisoners to exposing the role the financial industry plays in climate change. We take your campaign beyond the traditional press release, developing a deep understanding of your story to create real impact in national and international media. We are passionate about social justice, ending inequality and tackling discrimination around the world.

Case Study: Working with Marcus Rashford to #EndChildFoodPoverty

89up built a web resource to ensure children don’t go hungry during lockdown

Sustainable Future

Climate change affects every major issue facing the world, from food security, to migration and generational justice. 89up’s passion to help provide solutions for climate change has led us to work with some of the world’s most interesting and dynamic campaigners, and also some of the world’s most innovative and forward thinking scientists.

Case Study: Building a climate Moovement

Reducing the methane emissions from cattle with game-changing biotech