Public Relations

Our PR team has landed high-impact broadcast coverage and newspaper front pages across the globe.

Our award-winning PR team spans industry veterans with decades of experience, former journalists, authors, news anchors, and storytellers who have worked for the biggest organisations, brands and CEOs, developing and delivering hard-hitting global campaigns. We understand how to not only make a headline but drive the news agenda and create real world impact.

You will have a dedicated team on your account but - unlike other agencies - when it comes to a sell-in, we join together.

Drawing on our comprehensive collective black books of close media contacts, spanning different countries and media types, we use our diverse knowledge and experience to cut stories for different media. This approach delivers incomparable results as shown by our award winning work.

We’re trusted by quality media worldwide to bring them the exciting and insightful stories they now expect from 89up - from Greta Thunberg and fellow activists demanding action on climate to events with Edward Snowden defending our rights online.

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