Bringing the depth of our climate crisis home


Impact distribution for an essential documentary.

The Project

Ten Billion is a feature-length documentary by Professor Stephen Emmott looking at the future of the planet and the threat of catastrophic damage caused by  rapid population growth. As Professor Emmott says, unless we change tack urgently, “we’re f**ked”.

89up’s PR team worked with Ten Billion’s producers to identify the key themes of the film, developing a strategy for its messaging and delivering a programme of multi-channel public engagement.

The aim was to stimulate a debate beyond the narrow scope of carbon emissions in the run-up to the COP21 Paris climate conference. We created a strategy consisting of influencer screenings, social media outreach and a  press campaign based on the findings of our social listening. 

Ahead of the film screenings, we targeted specific groups that had surfaced as influencers in our social media mapping of conversations around COP21 and themes of the film. The screenings were attended by MPs and Members of the Lords as well as journalists from key titles such as the Guardian, the Economist and the Financial Times. 

89up also secured op-eds for the film’s star and the production team in target titles including the Guardian, the Independent and HuffPost.