Commemorating the heroes of antifascist resistance


Sharing the stories of the people who fought the Nazis in the Second World War

The Project

Antifascist campaigners HOPE Not Hate use research, education and public engagement to tackle racism and extremism.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis on VE Day, HOPE Not Hate gathered together stories of the brave individuals who fought in the anti-fascist resistance. 

They asked 89up’s Labs team to build a visually engaging website sharing the stories of these heroes of the resistance. 89up created a content-rich Drupal website featuring long reads, image galleries, videos and podcasts.  The site design is clean, modern, and easy to explore, while remaining respectful to the stories it contains. 

At a time when racism and nationalism are on the rise, this collection of stories offers a timely reminder of how dangerous fascism is, and of the brave people and communities who fought to resist it.

After the success of the 'Heroes of the Resistance' microsite, HOPE not hate commissioned a second website 'Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement', launched the same year. 

All content from both microsites now lives directly on the new HOPE not hate website, developed by 89up.