Defending the open Internet

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Coverage Highlights: BBC World Service, the Wall Street Journal, France24, EuroNews, the Guardian, TalkRADIO


Highlighting how government regulation could damage the infrastructure of the Internet.

The Project

2020 was the year when  the Internet provided a vital lifeline for billions of people. While institutions floundered, the Internet showed its true worth. 

The Internet Society (ISOC), wanted to highlight how the growing threat of government regulation of the Internet could impact how we use it. ISOC created the Internet Way of Networking (IWN) as a toolkit for policymakers around the world to prevent them from breaking the Internet. 

ISOC asked 89up’s PR team to launch the IWN toolkit and capture the attention of both policymakers and the general public. Global polling commissioned by 89up established that the majority of people across the world are uneasy with politicians having too much control over the Internet. This insight was an invaluable asset as we told the story in different countries. We jumped on topical news hooks for each country and created thought leadership pieces and reactive commentary relevant to specific markets.

Our team crafted a compelling narrative, and created eye-catching social content that made a complex topic accessible for a non-specialist audience. 

We then placed ISOC’s senior leadership in international broadcast and online media, with offering insightful views on the future of the Internet and establishing the Internet Way of Networking as a vital tool for anyone seeking to implement - or even just understand - regulation of the Internet.