Science communications

What we do

Our science communications experts can help you explain complex ideas to the public.

Our Approach

89up loves science and technology. We’ve collaborated on projects designed to educate and inform people on all aspects of STEM, from scientists and engineers to academics, teachers and TV presenters.

We don’t believe science or tech is for geeks - we relish telling the world about the amazing potential of scientific and technological advances.

We don’t try to hide or soften complicated ideas: we want to celebrate the ingenuity and endeavour of the people working on solving big problems, from Covid-19 to climate change.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the science and tech world - Wellcome, Nesta, the Internet Society and the Royal Institution of Great Britain, to name a few - bringing complex stories to fresh, new audiences.

Case study - Inspiring young scientists with the world-famous Christmas Lectures

Bringing fresh audiences to the Royal Institution.
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Case study - Launching Global Encryption Day

89up launched the first ever Global Encryption Day
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