Film impact distribution

What we do

Ensuring powerful documentaries create real impact

Our Approach

89up’s impact distribution campaigns make sure your story creates real change. Our producers have worked on Oscar-winning films and major international documentaries including CITIZENFOUR and The Silence Of Others.

89up runs impact distribution for online documentaries, global cinematic releases, terrestrial broadcast and video on demand. 

We help filmmakers tell their stories to the audiences who care.

We’ll craft a strategy that stays true to your story. Using social analytical tools, we’ll identify the right audiences and make sure your film reaches them. Our influencer screenings mean you can present your film in intimate surroundings, ensuring that  the right people engage personally with your message, whether they are MPs, MEPs, celebrities, or other influencers.

Press and media engagement puts the filmmaker centre-stage, highlighting the themes and issues raised by your film in the places it matters most. Social media seeding, using content created with you, spreads the word to a wider audience.