Tracking climate change in real time


Building a website for Climate Signals to explain climate change impacts in real time

The Project

The impact of climate change is already being felt around the world and is leading to long-term changes in the earth’s climate systems. 

Climate Signals is a non-profit organisation of climate change experts. They demonstrate how climate change correlates with real time extreme weather events. By tracking extreme weather events around the world, Climate Signals are able to create a world map which shows long-term trends and changes to our climate system - from increasing global temperatures and rising sea levels to habit shifts and increased risk of drought.  89up helped Climate Signals evolve their visual identity, and their data visualisations as well as migrating content to their new website. 

89up built an interactive and engaging website aimed at climate scientists, activists and researchers to help explain the many and complex effects of climate change. 89up evolved their existing visual identity to incorporate a bolder colour scheme. Using Climate Signals’ bank of visual assets and imagery, 89up developed their brand to reflect their authoritative, science based approach while reflecting the urgent nature of the climate crisis. 

89up worked with SEO specialists to perfect Climate Signals’ search engine ranking, allowing previously untapped audiences to find the latest and strongest science on climate impact more easily. 

In addition, we helped Climate Signals restructure the taxonomy of their content, allowing audiences to quickly and intuitively navigate the website to access relevant research and news stories related to their specific areas of interest.