Building a platform to fight fascism


89up built a digital platform showcasing the breadth of HOPE Not Hate’s work and engaging their audience to take action

The Project

HOPE Not Hate is the leading antifascist campaign group in the UK. Its extensive research identifies threats from the far-right while their community engagement projects bring people together to challenge racism. As firm defenders of democracy, 89up is a strong supporter of the work they do. 

89up worked closely with their stakeholders to build out their visual identity and website and unite their different streams of work under one cohesive brand. 

The new website features hubs for their key areas of activity: research, campaigning and community work. This allows their wide audience to easily access relevant and up-to-date content on each stream of work. By including clear call-to-actions across the site, we made it easier for HOPE Not Hate’s supporters to take action through campaigns, donate to the organisation and volunteer their time to challenge racism in their communities. 

89up developed an engaging long-read report format for the organisation’s content, including their annual State Of Hate report. We helped them migrate existing news articles and podcasts to the new site, and improved their search functionality and SEO to ensure people can find out more about their work quickly and easily.

“Everything about working with 89Up to develop and launch our new website was a delight. They were incredibly calm, flexible and understanding in the face of shifting priorities. They went above and beyond to help us meet our objectives - nothing ever felt like too much trouble for them. They are superb project managers, as well as bringing creativity, fun and innovative suggestions to all our discussions. We ended up with a brilliant new site that represents and supports all areas of our work. Anyone would be lucky to work with them.”

Jayde Bradley

Email Campaigns Lead, HOPE Not Hate