Building a web platform to unite America’s response to the climate crisis

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The Project

America Is All In is a coalition of over 5,000 local government, civil society organisations and businesses committed to improving the USA’s response to the climate emergency. 

As lead coordinator of the coalition, WWF asked us to rebuild the America Is All In website to improve its impact. We have an increasing specialisation in building websites for non-profit clients working on climate change and the wider net zero global movement.

The UX, design and development of the new America Is All In site were all focussed on a primary challenge: how could we make it easy for local businesses, organisations and the general public to understand what being climate aware means in their town or neighbourhood? 

The website needed to speak to communities across the US, with visuals and a structure that could engage everyone, no matter what their pre-existing knowledge of climate change is. 

89up started with restructuring their existing information architecture - creating effective categorisation allowing visitors to the site to filter based on topics, regions and themes to drive easy discovery of content. 

We also refreshed the America Is All In brand and introduced a new, visually rich design. The brand colours were inspired by nature whilst also maintaining the classic colour scheme of the organisation, as a nod to their home nation. A secondary colour palette was created and woven throughout the website to give a subtle updated feel. 

We created custom collages and added visual overlays to images which contributed towards the cohesiveness of the brand identity and the modernisation of the organisation's online presence. Using more imagery throughout the website - photos of the team at various events and photos of the board, helped humaise America is All In and add a more familiar edge to the organisation.

Throughout the redesign process we were in close contact with stakeholders and senior team members who were heavily involved in decision making, and excited by the new designs. Our UX research process is robust and so we were able to cater to the needs of the masses whilst also integrating our expertise, to create something rich and innovative that serves a varied audience.

I highly recommend 89up for their exceptional website design and build services. They provided excellent account management services and did an outstanding job of designing and building our America is all in website. The team's remarkable attention to detail and creativity resulted in an elevated website look and feel, brand, and navigation, making it easier to showcase our climate action stories, data, reports, and digital campaigns. We are impressed with 89up and have decided to continue working with them for our ongoing website maintenance needs.

Monica Chan
Senior Specialist, Climate Communications