Bringing a sense of happiness to the internet


Launching a new website to build happiness from the ground up

The Project

Action for Happiness is a social movement that exists to build happiness from the ground up. Through courses, community activism and online resources, Action for Happiness spreads kindness, compassion and collaboration, the values that underpin personal and societal wellbeing.

Action for Happiness asked 89up to refresh their website and build an innovative, fun, and inspiring new site to showcase the positive work that they do.

We collaborated on UX processes to improve the existing site architecture and produce more cohesive site maps. Redesigning the user journey was a crucial part of this project to ensure that visitors to the site could easily find the resources they needed quickly and easily. Our design team collaborated with Action for Happiness on a light rebrand and co-developed a strong new visual style as well as additional features for the new website.

The relaunched website boasts a range of features including a calendar with different daily affirmations to make sure every day starts on the right foot. With stronger user routes and a beautiful visual design, the new website has proven a hit with the organisation’s membership.