Narrative and messaging development

What we do

Narrative development is about creating the foundations for an eye-catching story that will last the length of your campaign

Our Approach

From clear web copy to cut-through soundbites for events or interviews, a clear narrative is essential. It helps you tailor your messaging for a range of audiences, and ensures that your ideas stick in people’s minds. Our narrative experts are natural storytellers. The 89up team includes journalists, columnists, published authors and podcasters. Our PR experts have told brand stories for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

A clear narrative will give you the confidence to communicate throughout your campaign.

Our in-depth narrative development sessions, driven by analysis of your audience data, cut through pre-conceived and entrenched ideas to redefine how you articulate your brand or campaign, and make it a unique proposition.

89up will help you break down your messaging for different audiences, so that you are always talking to the right people in the right way.