Campaigns for NGOS

What we do

Our experts have changed the world with campaigns that have made a difference.

Our Approach

Want to change the world? Speak to us. 89up is Europe’s foremost agency for charities, NGOs, and the not-for-profit sector. We will work with you to build a campaign strategy that takes your mission and turns it into real world change. Our teams have worked on some of the world’s most pressing issues, from climate change to threats to our democracy.

The era of the slow news day is over. From senior politicians to members of the public everyone is bombarded with information every second of the day. To be successful campaigns need a laser focused theory of change and messaging that connects with audiences.

Our offering to clients:

89up has defended press freedom, exposed corruption, and helped bring the world’s focus to the plight of some of its most vulnerable people.

We’ll co-develop a campaign strategy that is highly tailored to your needs, organisational ways of working and the outcomes you want to achieve. We’re platform-agnostic, meaning our strategies will engage the channels and tactics that have the most impact for your campaign - whether traditional media, social, or public affairs advocacy. And we understand the sensitivities of the third sector, as many of our team have backgrounds in civil society.

Beyond killer strategies, 89up can be your execution partner delivering everything from paid social, advocacy websites, heavy-hitting public affairs and impactful PR, all seamlessly coordinated by one team working closely together with you.