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The People (and 89up!) versus Climate Change

A new film sees ordinary people raise their voices

89up is delighted to work with Doc Society to help bring the new documentary People Vs Climate Change to the world.

The film follows people from across the UK who were selected to take part in the government’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change. Presented with the facts about the crisis facing our planet, the participants were tasked with creating policy recommendations for the British government.

From an Afghanistan war veteran to a postal worker to a university professor, the participants tell viewers about their hopes and fears for the future and how the Citizens Assembly affected their own personal relationship with the climate crisis.

89up has been engaged to create an integrated social and press campaign that will build on the film’s message and highlight its diverse personalities.

"89up CEO Mike Harris said: “Doc Society films never fail to be insightful and thought provoking, so it’s a pleasure to work with their team once again. The climate discussion can often seem abstract and daunting - People Vs Climate Change shows how everyday people can respond to this huge challenge."