Media strategy development

What we do

At 89up we use data and insights to underpin our media strategy. But we also believe that dialogue is the best way to learn from you and your experts. 

Our Approach

That’s why we start each campaign with a messaging and narrative session, designed to help us - and you - get to the core of your work and discover the crucial elements of your story. From global to local media; from a short project to a three-year campaign; from straightforward PR to an entirely integrated campaign, our team will hone your strategy and put the story in the spotlight.

Our exhaustive research and data underpins everything we do with essential insights that form the foundation of our campaigns.

We combine this learning with social analytics data and research, to create a comprehensive strategy - identifying key objectives, considerations, recommended approaches and a suggested pipeline of PR activities, social activations and content creation. We can host joint brainstorming sessions with you to develop creative platforms to bring your campaign to a wider audience.

Our strategy will highlight not just stories and angles, but also the right outlets to engage your target audiences. We will also identify the key ambassadors, influencers and organisations you should approach to amplify your message.