On defending democracy in a new era

In 1989, the Berlin wall came down and the World Wide Web went up. It was the year that more than any other in recent history shaped the world we now live in.

89up was named to celebrate the pivotal events of that year: we aim provide the best communication services for good causes across PR, public affairs, social media and web development. We campaign, build tech, tackle complex problems & inspire action. We reach people through their different interests whilst keeping pace with technological development.

We understand that in order for people to be heard and for structures to be changed, the right to self-determination drives us towards social justice. That’s why we have worked on protecting democratic values with:

Of course, one of the great democratic moments of 1989 was the protest movement that centred on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, when thousands of young Chinese people rallied to demand freedom of speech, thought and assembly. China is a very different country now to the China of 1989, but the demands of the Tiananmen generation ring as true now they did then.

In December 2020, 89up has focused on one of the biggest challenges imaginable - the policy tools needed to ensure the Chinese Communist Party’s anti-humanitarian behaviour in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Tibet and in many other places is met with real consequences. At a time when international institutions are being constrained by powerful nation states, it falls to parliaments and legislatures in democracies to protect their joint values across borders.

In the UK, this can start with the China Research Group in London and develop with politicians in Washington, Canberra, Seoul, Brussels, Tokyo and further afield. But it must start in earnest now.

You can read the report, Defending Democracy in a New World here: https://chinaresearchgroup.org/defending-democracy Democracies are far from perfect but plurality of thought, speech and access to justice are the enablers of freedoms. These are the essential values that 89up was founded to defend and promote.

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