What we do

Our science communications experts can help you communicate science to the public.

Our Approach

89up’s team members have extensive experience in science communications. We’ve collaborated with people from all aspects of STEM, from scientists and engineers to TV hosts and teachers, on projects designed to educate and inform. Our Production Director Tracy King specialises in science outreach, working with world-class communicators including astronaut Chris Hadfield, and bestselling psychologist and YouTube phenomenon Richard Wiseman.

We can help you broaden the reach of your STEM organisation or project through our influential media and industry contacts, our social media and market analysis and segmentation tools, and our unparalleled creative thinking.

Our magazine and podcast, Little Atoms, has a reputation for exceptional science content. Little Atoms is the official podcast of the Wellcome Book Prize, and our magazine and website have recently featured popular science communicators including Adam Rutherford, Kat Arney, and Lucie Green.

Science Comms Team





Tracy King
Production Director

Tracy King is a producer who has worked with some of the world’s leading science communicators, including Commander Chris Hadfield and Tim Minchin.

Tracy is a computer games expert - with a monthly column in Custom PC magazine. Tracy is currently working on a free educational resource for schools to promote women in STEM and other sectors and is writing a book on medicine. She has worked with major science and educational organisations including EUMETSAT, UCAS, and ENCODE.e.

Tracy King
Production Director